Lisa-Skye is a writer and Humoursmith. She has curated and performed in spoken word events for Midsumma since 2007, and performed/written shows for Melbourne Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival since 2008, including the critically-acclaimed show LADYBONER (4-star reviews, nominated for the Jhonsy Award, winner MICF Daily’s ‘Best Eye Make-Up at the Festival’ Award).

If you want to see yet more of her, you can catch her around town barking like a showpony in various comedy, impro and kink rooms. Check her FB page for regularly updated info!
She’s always looking for trade, so come say hi after the show whynot. Otherwise stalk her here:

Facebook! (For upcoming gigs and outfit pictures):
Twitter! (For vapid musings, total sauce and narcissistic selfies): @thelisaskye
Web! (For… none of the above, really):


Harlotte Bronte

Harlotte Brontë is a cheeky, full-bodied red with undertones of spice and strawberries. She’s also a one-woman burlesque response to Pretending Things Are a Cock (which is Pretending Things Are a Cock while wearing a corset and tutu, pretty much).
She’s more into madwomen in attics than stuffy dudes with secrets.

When not partaking in burlesquely delights, she can be found drinking cups of tea, going on long walks in the countryside, and gleefully dissecting contemporary social mores.

Should you be so inclined, she has a Facebook fan page


Emmeline Spankhurst

Emmeline Spankhurst‘s Marxist Feminist dialectic brings all the girls to the yard. With The Vindication of the Rights of Women in one hand and a scotch in the other, Spankhurst is one Suffragette who’s not afraid to show her ankles. And when she’s not tottering on stage or pottering in the kitchen, you’ll find her taking back the night. It’s all right, she kept the receipt.


Miss Charity Case

Miss Charity Case started life as a foundling, abandoned in a battered leather suitcase outside a speakeasy. She was adopted by the wandering thespians and queens of burlesque that frequented the stages of underground booze parlours and dens of vice. Today, she brings her talents to the stage as her adopted family did, proving that charity can not only be sweet, but also sinful.

If you’d like to find out more she has a Facebook page at


Cupcake Kitten

Geek by day, Vixen on stage, Wizard in Tristram, Cupcake Kitten is living proof that brains and beauty can co-exist. Hoping to bring to the stage a mix of Costumes, Shoes, Cupcakes, Star Wars, Computer Games, Sock Wrestling, Being Naughty & Kitty Cats, possibly all at the same time. Equally comfortable with a PS Controller as she is with feather boa, she is hoping to engineer a Broadway version of Mortal Combat.



DAME TITZI TE KANAWA – Able to fill a Valkyrie’s breastplate and shatter chandeliers by age 15, young Titzia Groper (Titzi to her friends) renamed herself “Te Kanawa”, thinking it meant “Huge Tracts of Land” in Foreign. Titzia’s bounteous presence soon graced major opera houses, and she was awarded her DBE for services rendered. Just services. Rendered. Dame Titzi has played many operatic heroines and always wins. She has had many husbands, but gave most of them back.

When not channelling Dame Titzi, Alexandra is actually studying to sing opera/classical voice. She firmly believes in the transformative power of classical music, and the transformative power of corsetry to make everything 157% more interesting. You can stalk her at @alexandra_sings on twitter or for performance updates.


Chubby Vagine – Chubby Vagine is a producer, performer, synchronised swimmer, guest speaker, writer, editor, pseudo-intellectual, part-time model, and full-time fatty. Co-founder of Chub Republic; the Melbourne chapter of Aquaporko fat femme synchronised swimming; and Va Va Boombah fat burlesque. She is sharper than your average dentata.


Fatty a-Go-Go – By day, they’re mild mannered burlesque beauties, but by night they become jiggletastic go-go goddesses. Straight from the silver screen cellulite classic, “Fatter, Pussycat! Kill, Kill!”, Fatti Smith and Fatty Hearst are two dancing divas you do not want get into a drag race with. See you in church, girls!


Lisa-Skye & Hunter

Mr Hunter aka The BUTCHer Boy – Has been doing Fetish Performances for over 10 years in Melbourne, Sydney and Internationally. Collaborating with some amazing people in that time. Lisa-Skye affectionately calls him “One Scary Dude” You can find him online: Search TransBear on Twitter and Facebook, or Huntr_Green on Fetlife.



Queenie ‘Boom Boom’ o’Sparkles was once told by a psychic that she was a peacock in a previous lifetime, which made sense. Not least of all because she loves prancing about in some flamboyant

As eccentric as a peacock, Queenie is a little bit cha cha, a little bit funky psychedelic, a bit o’ blues and R&B and a whole lotta sparkly, frilly, fruity queen.

Queenie is very excited for the opportunity to be shaking her shimmering tail feathers and to be boom-boom shakin’ the room with the Boombahs.

Come up and see her website sometime:


Hissy Loco

Hissy Loco sings and plays ukulele. Her songs lament falling asleep on public transport, celebrate getting all dressed up and having nowhere to go, and ask why we can’t all be cowboys. Since 2009, Hissy Loco has played the Melbourne Ukulele Festival 2011, 2012 and 2013, the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby’s Christmas party 2012, magazine launches, a shop opening, Earth Hour celebrations, children’s parties, weddings, community events and misc stages around Melbourne and interstate. Hissy is now trying her hand as a showgirl with Va Va Boombah and hopes to audition for the Rockettes in 2037.

t @hissyloco


Bambi Lipschitz

Some say that she’s the love child of Sir Elton John and Judy Garland (if that were at all possible). Smothered in a secret sauce… All we know is, that she’s Bambi Lipschitz.

This Broadway baby of Burlesque has enjoyed extensive experience in treading the theatrical boards, both on stage and behind the scenes and since making her Burlesque debut in May 2012 has been entertaining and engaging audiences regularly all over Melbourne .

Some have likened this Germasian sensation (a delicious hybrid of German and Asian) to being a flamboyant gay man trapped in the body of a curvaceous femme fatale.

When she’s not saucily seducing you from the stage, Bambi can be found dancing around her house in sequinned underwear singing show tunes, lurking where all good sequins are sold, leading redheads astray and being distracted by things that are shiny.


Ivy Minx – It is known that she jiggles when she giggles and not only is she classy but she is also assy. Performing for Va Va Boombah and Bottoms Up is her game making you enjoy yourself is her aim. Ivy enjoys a little classic through to neo burlesque and dabbles in a little pole to bring fun and laughter to herself as a whole.


Madame Derriere

Madame Derrière is voluptuous young thing trapped in the 50’s, living in the naughties, beginning in the nineties.

She loves to sing, dance,twist and shout and of course be a little bit of a dram queen (because lets face it, everyone loves a good drama queen, right?). Of course, being the good little pinup housewife she is, she adores everything pearls, lace and perhaps even some leather here and there.

If you want to see more of her you can always take a peep on her page,



Miss Inga Knickers is a paranoid stage kitten, who is sure that people are stealing her underthings. Hoping that she will find the culprits by what they leave on the stage. And when she does she will be putting them over her knee for a spanking post-haste!

LOL Kitten – nerd by day, stage kitten by night, moonlighting as Va Va Boombah’s web geek, on the web at

Cheng Aleng (aka Chunder Cat) tears down corporate dragons in media and PR, then goes home to swathe her paws in Uggs, organise swing dance events and herd kittens for stage shows. Squeeze her gently for a special surprise!