Perform With Us

About performing with Va Va Boombah

Va Va Boombah aims to create a space for fat performers of burlesque, cabaret, circus, drag, spoken word, undefinable performance art and other curios to make awesomeness happen.

Va Va Boombah was founded with explicit fat acceptance and body positivity political principles in mind.  We ask that you keep this in mind when considering performing with us; you don’t have to share our politics completely, but our aim is to provide a safe, fun and welcoming space for our performers as well as our audience. Va Va Boombah is a No Diet Talk environment.

We welcome envelope-pushing acts, but believe that racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism are envelopes best returned to sender.

Auditions are performed only in front of VVB organisers and are guaranteed confidential.

Applications have now closed for 2013. The following information is for reference purposes.

What we’re looking for

We welcome applications from performers of all genders who self-identify as fat. We are particularly interested in hearing from larger fat performers, but we encourage all performers who fit this description and are interested in working with us to apply.

You don’t have to be the most experienced performer around, or have a lifetime of dance lessons under your belt. You DO need to be able to get up on a stage and entertain a crowd with whatever it is you do. And you DO need to be self-motivated. At Va Va Boombah, we aim to foster a supportive environment for development that includes opportunities for feedback and skill development, but it’s up to you to put the hard work in.

Types of performers we are seeking, in order of most to least required:

  • Burlesque performers
  • MCs
  • Dancers other than burlesque performers (tap dancers, belly dancers, etc – surprise us!)
  • Circus performers
  • Performance artists
  • Singers/musicians

If you have more than one of the above skills, we’re extra excited to hear from you. If you have a performance style that is not listed above but that  you think would be a good fit, get in touch.

If you’re a singer or musician, don’t be put off by the ranking of your skill set on that list. We have several wonderful singers already, but we’re always happy to hear from others. Although we like offering our audiences a variety of performances, we’re keen to keep burlesque as a major part of what we do.

The Process

1. Read the manifesto to help get a better understanding of what Va Va Boombah is about.

2. Submit a written application via the form that will be made available when auditions are open. You must include a high-resolution, professional quality photograph of yourself; this will be used to illustrate your bio on our website if you are successful at your audition. If you need to email your photo, send it through to

3. A member of the production team will be in touch to confirm an audition time.

4. You are welcome to audition multiple acts, and to also show us parts of works in progress. We like to get as broad an idea as possible of your acts, as this helps for casting shows.

5. If you’re not based in Melbourne but would like to audition, contact us to enquire about remote auditions.

If you have any questions, contact us.

Some thoughts from current Boombahs…

“I’m an experienced performer and I’m reasonably confident in what I can do.  But VVB has helped me to say ‘fuck it, I am talented and I can do this, and I do not fit into any of your boxes, and this is just fine, cos HELLO, hot, unafraid fatty here.  ADORE ME.’”

“It’s about self-expression and throwing a spanner in the works.”

“Expect a connected, supportive group who are kind to each other and themselves. They contain multitudes and defy convention.”

“Aside from skills (marketing, promotions, public relations, event management, stagecraft, stage management), I’ve come to appreciate, from watching the organisers, how to build community, and how to harnesses strengths and perceived weaknesses towards creative, constructive outcomes.”

“If you want to learn professionalism in arts, work with VVB. We’re all either there or working towards it. We have standards, y’know ;)”

“Without wanting to be hyperbolic, Va Va Boombah has literally changed my life, and so much for the better.”