What is Va Va Boombah?

Va Va Boombah is Melbourne’s (and, as far as we know, Australia’s) first burlesque night featuring fat performers. Our first show will be on Friday 1st June, 2012.


Why fat burlesque?

Because fat bodies are under-represented in performance and wider culture, except as a negative thing or a target of ridicule.

Because we want to create a space for fat performers of burlesque, cabaret, circus, spoken word and other curios to make awesomeness happen.

Because burlesque can be about reclaiming forms of sexual expression and redefining sexiness and performativity on different terms, and that shouldn’t exclude fat people.

Because being the one fat performer in a line up of straight-size performers can be intimidating and can make you a target of audience hostility.

Because nobody shakes it quite like a semi-naked fatty.


Who can perform at Va Va Boombah?

People of any gender who self-identify as fat. We’re open to burlesque, cabaret, circus, comedy, singing and anything else you might want to do – float your idea to us and we’ll have a chat.


Who is performing at Va Va Boombah?

We’ll have our performers’ bios and photos up as soon as possible.


Can I perform at Va Va Boombah if I’ve never performed before and don’t have a dance background?

Does the thought of strutting your stuff in front of an adoring audience fill you with excitement as well as (or instead of) butterflies? Then yes! Part of our plan with Va Va Boombah is to create a supportive community of fat performers, and to help facilitate that, we’re organising practical workshops on things like burlesque performance and stage makeup. We also keep performers and potential performers informed of training opportunities around Melbourne.


How often is Va Va Boombah?

Our first show will be on Friday June 1st, 2012. We really don’t want it to be our only show, and to make that happen we’ll need the support of performers and audience members. We’re hoping to run Va Va Boombah twice a year.


 I want to get involved somehow – I’m not sure how, but somehow! How can I contact you?

Best to shoot us an email detailing your awesomeness to vavaboombah at gmail dot com. You can also like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter and Tumblr.


I would like to sponsor your fine production with money/products/etc, how do you feel about that?

We feel GREAT! We’ve developed a range of sponsorship packages for businesses wanting to donate money, which will be available on our Sponsorship page shortly, or you can shoot us an email. If you’ve got a product or service you’d like to send our way, get in touch. We’re open to hearing from fat-positive, body-lovin’ businesses of various industries.

If you’re an individual who’d like to sponsor us, we love you! Get in touch and let us know what you’d like to do for us.


I would like to promote my diet product to your audience through sponsorship.

Buh-bow. Also, that’s not a question.


Fat chicks are gross. Can I come to your show and heckle them?

Depends on whether you want to spend money on looking like a dipshit, incurring the wrath of fatties and their allies, and then getting kicked out of a venue, I suppose.