Miss Kate Quaintrelle

When she isn’t taking #bathtubselfies, cuddling puppies or breaking hearts you can find Miss Kate prancing about somewhere between the pop and heavy metal section in a second hand CD shop… inspiration, dear Watson!

Miss Kate is happiest when she’s twirling in a new frock or going for a frolick at a picnic. Known to have a fucking potty mouth and obvious lover of the colour magenta. Previously of Babylonia Tribal Bellydance, she has lips, hips and tits and she isn’t afraid to use them! Inspired by creative mavericks who delve into the unexpected and contradictory…

In her spare time, Miss Kate enjoys indulging her creative side by designing frocks for the curvier woman under her label MISTY BELVIDERE…

Miss Kate Quaintrelle
Misty Belvidere


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